Triscuit is a sweet and loving pup!  She keeps a clean kennel and is housebroken and is always up for a walk!  She is 5 years old and is past the rambunctious puppy stage and loves playing and then calming down for snuggles on the couch.  She is good with dogs and cats and loves playing fetch.

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Ivan has had a rough life, but despite it all, he is a sweet and loving pup once he gets past his shyness!  This 2 year old lab mix is good with other dogs and loves going for walks!

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Roller coasters are known for their ups and downs, but you won't have to expect anything else from our Roller Coaster except lots of love and snuggles! 

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Our Newest Friends

A complete list of dogs & cats available for adoption can be found on our Facebook Page under Adoptable Dogs or Adoptable Cats or at and search with the zip code 61301.